Commit b668c303 authored by Mathieu Maret's avatar Mathieu Maret

ignore PT_NOTE elf section

parent 1a6e1522
......@@ -385,15 +385,15 @@ static sos_uaddr_t load_elf_prog(const struct userprog_entry *prog)
sos_uaddr_t uaddr;
/* Ignore the empty program headers that are not marked "LOAD" */
if (elf_phdrs[i].p_type != PT_LOAD)
if (elf_phdrs[i].p_type != PT_LOAD && elf_phdrs[i].p_type != PT_NOTE)
if (elf_phdrs[i].p_memsz != 0)
SOS_FATAL_ERROR("ELF: non-empty non-LOAD segments not supported yet");
SOS_FATAL_ERROR("ELF: non-empty (%ld) non-LOAD/non-NOTE (%ld) segments not supported yet", elf_phdrs[i].p_memsz, elf_phdrs[i].p_type);
if (elf_phdrs[i].p_vaddr < SOS_PAGING_BASE_USER_ADDRESS)
SOS_FATAL_ERROR("User program has an incorrect address");
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